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Q-Switched Nd:YAG

Q-Switched Nd:YAG
New Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
Beautiful Slim Design, Outstanding Performance, Remarkable Results with Side-effect and Pain Free Treatment

LUCAS PLUS is a revolution of tattoo & pigmented lesion treatments. LUCASPLUS builds upon the proven performance using the true top hat mode, perfect beam quality, and the intuitive user interface. This system configuration optimizes the constant energy delivery to the target chromosphere. The PTP Q-switched Nd:YAG system, LUCAS plus is the best Tattoo removal & toning Laser device. LUCAS Plus (Q-switched Nd;YAG) is taking advantage of 532nm and 1064nm lasers to effectively get rid of colors on the skin as a high powered color responded laser machine. 1064nm responds selectively to lesion of black and blue to destroy. This wavelength is permeated throughout the skin and is able to treat the deep lesion in the skin such as tattoos and otas without scar. 532nm is used for pigment such as freckles, blemishes and age spots with low wavelength. Especially, the Shiny Toning mode is more effective in remarkable Melasma & Pigmented lesions treatment as well as skin tightening.
Key Features
· True top hat mode
· Auto detected spot size
· Simple and easy design
· Adjustable aiming beam
· Fractional moder
· Special Melasma Treatment - Shiny Toning
· Laser toning
· Melasma
· Acne scar, Pore - MLA Handpiece
· Tattoos
· Freckles
· Inflammatory acne
· Nevus of ota
· Soft peel
· Cafe-au-lait
System Specifications
Laser Source ND:YAG
Wave Length 1064㎚/532㎚
Pulse Width 5 - 10 ns (Q-switched Mode) / 100ns(Shiny Toning)
300 us (Free Running Mode)
Operating Mode Q-Switched, and Free Running Mode
Maximum Delivered Energy 1064nm : 1000mJ, PIP 1064nm : 1600mJ
532nm : 300mJ, G1064nm : 3000mJ
S1064nm(Shiny Toning): 3000mJ
Spot Size 2~10mm / 1mm Step Adjust
Repetition 1~15Hz / 1Hz Step Adjust
Display 10.2 Inch TFT Wide [800 X 480]
Electrical Requirement 90 - 264 Vac, 47 - 63 Hz / 120 - 300 Vdc
Dimension (W)300 x (H)850 x (L)700mm
Weight 75kg
The Leading Laser Technology is on Nd:YAG Laser of AMT
· High Peak Power with Shorter Pulse Width
· Powerful Toning Treatment
· Special Melasma Treatment - Shiny Toning
· Stable Continuous Shots
· Fractional Laser Emission (Optional)
· Superior Beam Quality
· User Friendly Interfaces.
· Slim Design
· Special MLA Handpiece Treatment - Acne Scar, Pore
Fractional Handpiece