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I2PL Toning System
IPL & PIP Toning System
Advanced Toning, A-TONE is not just an ordinary IPL. It is an all-around player among other laser devices for toning, hair removal, pigment and vascular lesions.

Top IPL, A-TONE is an advanced AR/Toning dual system. It has an AR (conventional IPL) and a PIP(Pulse In Pulse) toning IPL handpieces for better treatments. Unlike other IPL devices, A-TONE has an own filtering system with a perfectly precise light pulse. Especially, this IPL toning technology has solved intractable pigments of Nd:YAG.

FDA registered in USA

Key Features
· PIP (Pulse In Pulse)
· Safety secured by the low voltages.
· Perfect square pulse performance
· User friendly interface
· Instant high peak power
· Very light pigment
· Toning
· Hair removal
· PIH treatment
· Melasma
· Vascular lesion
· Acne
Applications Pigmented Lesions
Vascular Lesions
Permanent Hair Reduction
Spectrum 560 ~ 950nm
Handpiece AR / PIP TONING (2 Handpieces)
Prof. Filter 560nm (Standard Built-In)
Energy Density (Fluence) Max 40.0J/㎠
Pulse Duration Max 25ms (Different Standard to Others)
Pulse Delay Max 60ms
Pulse Characteristic Multiple-Sequential Pulsing
Repetition Rate Up to 1 Hz
Spot Sizes 12mm x 38mm
Cooling Continuous Contact Cooling
System Info.  
Dimensions 760mm(W) x 350mm(L) x 960mm(H)
Weight 72kg
Electrical Requirement 220V, 60Hz
Dramatic Toning Efficiency
The Perfect IPL Toning? Only A-TONE
PIP (Pulse in Pulse) Technology
PIP divides a pulse to several pulses. It delivers same energy in relatively short time with high peak power and it provides with less epidermal damage and pain-free treatment.
Ideal Square Pulse
Consistently delivers precise energy with right resultsproduced from high quality IGBT and optimally designedflash lamp and cavity.
Stable Fluence
Stable fluence from larger capacitors at high-speed repetitive shots provides coherent and safe operation. It maximize results with built-in calibration that ensures precise energy delivery.