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COPRO3 V laser
Vaginal rejuvenation & Skin Treatment
COPRO3 V Laser, is an amazing laser device which can help women return back to the most beautiful time in their life.After giving birth or as growing older, women have troubles of urinary incontinence and unsatisfactory sexual activity because vulva skin and vagina lost elasticity.
1. Improvement of vaginal tightening(Kegel exercises help giving better effects)
2. Collagen remodeling, vaginal wall (thickening and treatment for urinary incontinence)
3. Increased vaginal fluid( outstanding lubriffiant effects, especially for menopausal woman)
4. Increased elasticity and whitening of vulva
5. After 3 treatments (with interval of 2 weeks), patients will have subjective perception of effects. 6. Treatment effect can last for 1-2 years.