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Er:Glass Fractional
Erbium Glass Laser, TOUCHCELL15
TOUCHCELL15, Er:Glass Fractional laser of AMT Engineering Co., Ltd is the top wrinkle care system. Erbium Glass Laser, TOUCHCELL15 is for skin remodeling from scars, large pores, wrinkles and rejuvenation using thermal damages from the uniform distance and precise pulse energies of Erbium glass laser.
· Top laser quality
· Wide touch screen
· User-friendly interface (without manual)
· Ideally designed handpiece to protect treatment view for user’s convenience
· Beautiful design
· Skin Resurfacing
· Scars
· Large Pore
· Rejuvenation
· Wrinkles
Wavelength CO2 10.6μm
Laser Type Erbium glass laser
Dual Operation Mode Stamp / Moving
Pulse Energy 1mJ - 300mJ
Spot Size 80 μm
Ablation Depth Up to Max 2.5㎜
Frequency in Stamp Mode Max 999Hz
Density Up to 1000
Scan Area Size Max.20 X 20 ㎜
Scan Shape (with red LED guide beam) Circle, Rectangular, Square
Dual Beam Pattern Array / Random
Handpiece Tips focus 40㎜ / 42㎜
Multiple Repetition Mode(Stacking Mode) Single, Multiple(X2, X3, X5)
Display Touch Screen 10.2"Color LCD