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Diode Hair Removal

Diode Hair Removal
Olive plus, the 810nm pulse diode laser, destroys the black melanin pigments in the hair follicle to remove hair easily. The beam of Olive plus provides identical amounts of energy for all pulses to reduce pain and protect surrounding skin tissues.
Other ordinary lasers have a lot of pain even though people use EMLA cream because the lasers haven’t have the precise energy for each skin type. So it has some of common side effects as burn, pain, pigmentation and inflammation. Unlike other devices, Olive laser can deliver the most precise energy to the dermal layer safely until the hair follicle is destroyed without EMLA cream because it has a power cooling system.
Key Features
· Powerful 810nm diode laser
· Strong contact cooling
· Fast & safe treatment
· High absorption rate for the melanin tissue
· Comfortable and short time procedure
· Outstanding effects for Hair reomoval treatment
· Hair removal
Laser Category Diode Laser
Laser Source Diode
Wavelength 810nm
Fluence Up to 100.5J/㎠
Pulse Duration 2~314ms
Spot Size 12mm X10mm
Handpiece Contact Cooling System
Repetition Up to14Hz
Display Touch Screen LCD 7”
Electrical Requirement 220V
Dimensions 330mmX450mmX950mm
Weight 45kg
Optimal User-Interface
Easy to Use, Easy to Learn, Easy to Cost
Fast Treatment
The frequency of the Olive plus laser is 14Hz with 10 time shot repetitions in a second. So it can destroy the hair follicle quickly and safely. (10~20 mins’ treatment)
Hair Restraint
Olive plus laser leads to heat diffusion from the bulb to the area of the bulge and the matrix cells, leading to destruction of the capacity for new hair follicle formation. It restrains the hair re-growth.
Replaceable Handpiece Tip
The sapphire handpiece tip gives a permanent life time durability. It also protects the inside optical bar from the shock.