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AMT Q-Switched Ruby Laser - GLOBEAM
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Why Choose Ruby Laser ?
The 694nm Ruby Laser is effective in pigment treatment because its absorption to melanin is higher than that of other laser wavelengths, and it can selectively treat both epidermal and dermal lesions.
What is Ruby Toning ?
Ruby Toning is a differentiated toning that uses a wavelength of 694nm and a short pulse duration to irradiate the entire lesion with a wide spot size. Compared to conventional toning, side effect is reduced and the effect is increased with high melanin absorption.

* Key Features.

· Stable output energy even in low Fluence.
· Highest quality optical components.
· Various Handpiece
· Low maintenance cost.
· Easy to use UI
· Short Preheating Time

* Indications.

· Ruby Toning
· Melasma
· Tattoos
· Freckles
· Abnom
· Age spot

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